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100 books in a year challenge – week one update and review

Published August 9, 2013 by claire2903

I will be doing these little updates and reviews each week for my 100 books in a year challenge.

I thought it would be good, and a form of proof 😉 , to write a review of each of the books I have read.

The reviews will not only help people who haven’t read the books to decide if they should read them, they will also help me when looking back with my own writing.

So here goes:


Feast for Crows – G R R Martin

George Martins fourth book in his song of ice and fire series.
I must admit I found this one a little hard to read, it was quite slow in a lot of parts and drawn out. Its probably needed as everyone’s stories need padding out and moving on, etc.
I was looking forward to Samwell’s story but found it pretty boring, which is a bit of a let down for me, but this hasn’t stopped me wanting to read the next book, if only for pure ‘I must read all the books in a series OCD’
There was a few parts though that I remember thinking oh my word! which saves the book slightly.

My score for this book is 3/5. Fair read, but being part of a series helped.

Tigana – G G Kay

This is a stand alone book and quite old. I hadn’t heard of it before it was recommended to me, but I’m glad it was!
It has a good pace and story line. There are a lot of ‘big’ words in there and did have a feel of over thesaurus’ing but that doesn’t detract too much from the over all feel of the story.
In fact it could be said that its fairly fitting actually.
There are quite a few Oh my Gosh moments and you want to share the news you have learnt with someone else who has read the story.
It really drew me in and I may have gotten a little involved with the story. There are a few parts that make you feel genuinely sorry and sad for certain characters. The story does have a feel of Tolkien to it as well as Rothfuss.
I think The Tolkien feel comes from the fact the author helped Christopher Tolkien edit the Silmarillion. As for Rothfuss, Pat’s probably read Tigana.

My score for this book 5/5. Great read, if you haven’t read it go get it!


Well hope that helps someone 🙂

Mother has finished the Oath of Fealty and Also the Echo of Betrayal. Her next book is going to be The hobbit – J R R Tolkien.

My next book is going to be Dance with Dragons – G R R Martin.


See you next Friday with the next review, other blogs may be forth coming before though, so keep ’em peeled 🙂


100 books in 1 year. A challenge.

Published August 4, 2013 by claire2903

Well after reading a posr on the infamous facebook from one of my favourite authors, Pat Rothfuss, I decided I need to read more!
I got 6 of 100 of the best fantasy book.
Shameful I know. Needless to say I have read substantionaly more than 6 fantasy books, it just appears ive have been reading the wrong ones!
So as apart of the 100 things to do to become a better writer list (I will find links to the 100 books and 100 things to do and post in comments or edit the post and drop them in at the bottom)
I have decided to read 100 per year. I am also coupling this with read all the books on a certain list, roughly over 100 books. The link to this list is on the 100 things to do list.

It is advised that challenging someone to a small competition with it, and this has not only sparked the love of stories inside me but the gambler, competitive need to win and excited learner.

So I have challenged the one person who could read more books, possibly, than me in a year. My mother.

We started on the first of August this year and will finish on first of August next year.

I have started with
Feast for Crows – G R R Martin.
I know I should have read this by now but I havent, so a good choice I think.

Mother has started with
Oath of Fealty – Elizabeth Moon. Good set of books and part of the Paksennarion books.

This evening I have finished Feast for Crows and I have started
Tigana – Guy G Kay.

We have to read roughly 2 books a week, so wish us luck 🙂

I will update as often as I can on this challenge. Probably with the names of books read this month in this posts comments then a re cap and musing near the beginning of each month 🙂