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Weekly Writing Challenge: Recipe for Disaster

Published July 22, 2013 by claire2903

The recipe for me

I doubt this is something Mr Oliver or Mr Ramsey would serve, but I recon they’d love the recipe 🙂

It may also be a bit long!


1 (Pretty) Thirty something body and face, with pretty feet.

1 (childish) Mind.

A good handful of sarcasm.

A library of books and films, good ones.

1 tbsp Procrastination.

250 g self doubt.

3 Large dollops of humor, Dry not Vanilla.

Frequent morning, afternoon, and evening sleeps, in fact just lots of sleep.

150 ml Confidence.

A Large pinch of Over Opinionation (yes that’s a word).

A Dash of contradiction.

3 tins of blackcurrant cider preferable cold.

Helpings of mad friends.

A love of playing LOTRO (lord of the rings online, noob)

2 Small children.

1 large dog, and 1 puppy.

2 Cats.

1 Loving mother.

1 Loving, but insane husband.

Chocolate, Wine and Crisps. In that order.

1 Foul mouth.

An obsession with shoes.

A deep and unyielding love of Red Dwarf.

An extensive knowledge of everything.

A modest talent in writing, cooking and love making.

A love of rock and metal (Limp Bizkit, 5 Finger death punch, Green Day, etc etc etc)

A touch of OCD.

Oh and a fondness for stupid Youtube videos (The banana song by the minions. Their taking the hobbits to isengard, gard, gard ,gard. I’ve got a jar of dirt. why has the rum gone. To name a few)


A Shock of red hair

3 Tattoo’s (1 ill planned)

Aviator sun glasses

Brightly coloured and/or highly pattern clothing

1 Bright yellow, convertible Saab.

Eyes, for the back of the head


Combine all ingredients in a 3 bed roomed house in the country side.

Do not add spiders, or any insects.

Stress until just risen.

Let marinade for two weeks, until appropriately behaved.

Take with a pinch of salt.

May cry, uncontrollably, if exposed to stupidity or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two.

Keep out of direct sunlight and ear shot of the easily offended and/or idiotic.

Works well with others, usually. Can be served with chicken, beef or fish.

Love whole heartedly, and you will achieve complete satisfaction 🙂