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Training, tension and tears.

Published July 30, 2013 by claire2903

It’s been eight days since my last post and oh my what an eight days!

There’s been several trips to the vets with various animals,

Milo (st Bernard) went to meet the vet an have a sniff, then back again to be weighed (nearly 15 st!!) and injections (booo)

Sadie (puppy weimaraner) to be checked out then back again for her jabs 😦

And Shadow and Shade the kittens to be checked. Good job we went with these two as Shadow is apparently a boy, after I was told by the person I bought them from they were both girls. Good job I picked a unisex name huh?

The summer holidays are now upon us also, so I have an 8 yr old and a 2.5 yr old at home, so my house is quite literally a zoo 🙂

I’ve also been gardening, with the help of my younger brother. He’s not half bad at gardening, but he doesnt want to do it as a living go figure 🙂

So my garden is now a lot neater, and I can actually think about getting fairy lights to wrap around the trees and hang on the privet (nasty horrible green stuff!)
I have a strong dislike for privet, but unfortunately I can’t pull it down…. Yet!

But none of this has stopped me from working on my books though, in fact my books are my escape from the madness that surrounds me!

I’ve been working on place names and the map of my little world. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Firstly i had to decide on a collective name for everywhere sort of like a country name or continent name.

Then I drew out a map, looks more like a pissed spider fell in the ink pot and wobbled across the page but hey, I understand it!. This helped me work out how many names I would need.

Thirdly I have, had to work out from the continent name to the country names to the regions, counties, boroughs to towns and villages. And the seas, lakes, forests and mountains.

I must admit this is still being worked on, but at least I had an idea of what goes where and that it needs a name. I think this is important for me, in my story writing as it helps to keep a degree of consistency in the story.

It also helps with building back stories for characters, especially once I’ve put some thought in to what regions look and sound like, I can then describe characters that come from there better.

I’ve also been thinking about the type of characters I want, as in elves and pirates. I’ve always loved these types of characters dearly.

Plus I’m wondering can you write a serious type of story that has some all together unserious parts in it?
I’m think you can, if you take the lord of the rings and the hobbit for example. There are some very serious bits in that (the wraiths, Mordor, Frodo’s capture and Sam’s heroic rescue of him) and some very comical bits too (Bert, Bill and Tom deciding how to cook the dwarfs and Mr Baggins)

Tolkien made this work beautifully, but I haven’t seen it much else where, I admit I may not be reading the right books but still.

I wondering if you can get the comical, and slightly sarcastic humor of a Disc world books to mesh well with the seriousness of the Paksennarion books or Song of Ice and Fire books?

I’ve also been pondering how people would react to changes from the normal, like friendly trolls that are semi intelligent, or stupid elves, pretty orcs etc etc, basically turning everything people know and believe about fantasy characters 180 and doing the opposite or ‘unexpected’.

Would it make for an interesting riveting read? or just annoy and bore?

Weekly Writing Challenge: Recipe for Disaster

Published July 22, 2013 by claire2903

The recipe for me

I doubt this is something Mr Oliver or Mr Ramsey would serve, but I recon they’d love the recipe 🙂

It may also be a bit long!


1 (Pretty) Thirty something body and face, with pretty feet.

1 (childish) Mind.

A good handful of sarcasm.

A library of books and films, good ones.

1 tbsp Procrastination.

250 g self doubt.

3 Large dollops of humor, Dry not Vanilla.

Frequent morning, afternoon, and evening sleeps, in fact just lots of sleep.

150 ml Confidence.

A Large pinch of Over Opinionation (yes that’s a word).

A Dash of contradiction.

3 tins of blackcurrant cider preferable cold.

Helpings of mad friends.

A love of playing LOTRO (lord of the rings online, noob)

2 Small children.

1 large dog, and 1 puppy.

2 Cats.

1 Loving mother.

1 Loving, but insane husband.

Chocolate, Wine and Crisps. In that order.

1 Foul mouth.

An obsession with shoes.

A deep and unyielding love of Red Dwarf.

An extensive knowledge of everything.

A modest talent in writing, cooking and love making.

A love of rock and metal (Limp Bizkit, 5 Finger death punch, Green Day, etc etc etc)

A touch of OCD.

Oh and a fondness for stupid Youtube videos (The banana song by the minions. Their taking the hobbits to isengard, gard, gard ,gard. I’ve got a jar of dirt. why has the rum gone. To name a few)


A Shock of red hair

3 Tattoo’s (1 ill planned)

Aviator sun glasses

Brightly coloured and/or highly pattern clothing

1 Bright yellow, convertible Saab.

Eyes, for the back of the head


Combine all ingredients in a 3 bed roomed house in the country side.

Do not add spiders, or any insects.

Stress until just risen.

Let marinade for two weeks, until appropriately behaved.

Take with a pinch of salt.

May cry, uncontrollably, if exposed to stupidity or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two.

Keep out of direct sunlight and ear shot of the easily offended and/or idiotic.

Works well with others, usually. Can be served with chicken, beef or fish.

Love whole heartedly, and you will achieve complete satisfaction 🙂

Busy Busy Busy!

Published July 22, 2013 by claire2903

Well that has been a busy weekend!

We’ve had family BBQ’s and parties!

My Jam website is up and running (hurrah)

I’ve been at the market selling said jam, and turned a small profit 🙂

The cars been fixed 🙂
Plus we appear to have acquired a new dog!

I’ve posted a picture of the new pup meeting our big fella Milo for the first time yesterday.

Its safe to say they like each other but with Milo being 18 stone and Sadie being about half a stone we have to be eagle eyed with them, and there’s lots of water spraying going on!

Hitting Milo never makes any difference, you just hurt your hand! (plus hitting an animal just teaches it to be aggressive)

And the yip yip yipping, howling, whinging, whingeing and moaning going on, and that’s just the kids….