100 Books Read In 1 year. Week 6/7 review

Published September 20, 2013 by claire2903

Well that was a blur of days!
As I stated in my last post I had aquired all of the Mortal Instument books that are currently published.
And wow they are quite amazing.
So with out further ado here are my reviews of all five.
Followed by a tally and were I will go fr here.

Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare

Book One – City of Bones

Well I started this book having seen the film.
It was quite by accident that I came to watch the film but a happy one as I would never have know about these books.
Me and mother were meant to see The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp in. Mothers a slight fan.
Anyway the cinema wasnt showing it and we asked the lovely lady at thw cinema what was on and good.
It was from her that we learnt the film had come from these books.
Now I went in thinking this will be like twilight and a bit teenie bobber and girlie romance slush.
Which is all fine. I loved twilight (team Jacob all the way here) but I thought this has been done.
What a suprise did I get!!
So went home mother bought all five books the next day and set about reading them in a few short days.
(Grumble moan, I think thay shes now ahead possibly of me) she then passed them to me and I actually left reading the first one for a day.
But wow when I started it was amazing.
This book is about demon hunters. But not ordinary demon hunters. Hunters with the blood of an angel running through their vein.
The first book introduces you to the nephilim and lays the board for the further books.
The main character learns a lot about her self she never knew and also the emotions with becoming 16. We’ve all been there!
You develop a really strong bond for the characters in this first book which makes you want to read the next to find out what happens next.

Book Two – City of Ashes

This book carries straight on from book one and the all important revalation with in it.
You feel yourself sympathising with Clary on the tough decisions and choices that she must make.
I must say I found myself texting mother and saying I dont believe this I dont believe that!
And I think this that and the other is going on.
All to be replied with ‘read on’ ggrrr most infuriating! But it did make me read on to see if I was right.
There are many more twists and turns in this book. And also you see the steamy teenage angst and frustration of developing ‘adult’ emotions start to unravel further in this book.

Book Three – City of Glass

This book sees Clarys world thrown into war.
Meaning she has to put aside her own personal feelings to help.
In this book you also see the furtherment of other relationships that have sprung up around Clary.
There are many hard decisions to be made in this book and I found myself thinking no just do it or no dont do it against the will of the author.
This for me creates conflict in the book which keeps me reading to make sure all ends happy.

Book Four – City of Fallen Angels

Clary has finally found happiness but it is short lived and she is once again thrown into turmoll.
She has to fight tooth and nail against seamingly everyone to hold on to what is hers.
You also see other characters back stories expand in this book.
Which again for me gave me a few OMG moments.
Another great technic to keep a reader reading and boy it did that.

Book Five – City of Lost Souls

This book was quite emence is the sense that it kinda grabbed me by the arm and pulled me along on a fairly chaotic ride.
I flight afraid for Clary and the times of utter despair she felt.
But not only her emotions but those of the other characters.
As I have grown to love and hate various characters, I now begin to feel more stronger emotions regarding the storying line and I think that, that is an excellent way of writing.
I got to the end of this book and literally had goosebumps!

This series of books is an amazing ride through a demon hunters world. The perils and advantures that befall them and the astronomical things they must do in order to save not themselves but the people and the world they love.

I will definately be recommending this to anyone who will listen to me 😉

My score for all of these books is 5/5.
Great, intensive reads. Throughly enjoyed and can not wait for the next one when its out in May next year!

So thats the reviews done. Whats next?

I have procured the three Infernal Devices books also by Cassandra Clare.
These are a sort of prequel to the Mortal Instrument set in the victorian times with the modern day shadow hunters ancestors.

The five books I have read takes me to a total of 10/100. Im a tenth of the way there!

I have decided it may well be better for me just to post when I have read a book rather than try to stick to a weekly post as that doesnt appear to be working.

So the reviews will now be labelled review book XX.

So caio for now bambinos  🙂

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