Busy Busy Busy!

Published July 22, 2013 by claire2903

Well that has been a busy weekend!

We’ve had family BBQ’s and parties!

My Jam website is up and running (hurrah) http://www.jammydjam.co.uk

I’ve been at the market selling said jam, and turned a small profit 🙂

The cars been fixed 🙂
Plus we appear to have acquired a new dog!

I’ve posted a picture of the new pup meeting our big fella Milo for the first time yesterday.

Its safe to say they like each other but with Milo being 18 stone and Sadie being about half a stone we have to be eagle eyed with them, and there’s lots of water spraying going on!

Hitting Milo never makes any difference, you just hurt your hand! (plus hitting an animal just teaches it to be aggressive)

And the yip yip yipping, howling, whinging, whingeing and moaning going on, and that’s just the kids….

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