That didn’t go to plan

Published July 17, 2013 by claire2903

Well today was meant to be filled with seeing my friends new born baby, ferrying kids to and from various school / nursery type places, doing insanity work outs (yes I am quite, quite mad) and maybe some general house work and writing.

But noooo. The big yellow canary outside my house has decided to throw a fit.

In short my car won’t start 😦 Its being male and awkward. I can say that as I’m a woman and he is being a pain. (girl power and all that) The lovely man from the breakdown people said

He ‘thinks’ that the immobiliser has gone faulty. Brill. So the car is now sat there all forlorn waiting for me to either get an auto electrition  out or the other half to fix it.

Thing is I live in the hills and countryside and everything is a million miles away ( yes a million, that is exactly how far EVERYTHING is away from me )

I’ve already complained to Milo pup but he has no interest as he doesn’t use the car nor need to use it, and so looked at me with a slight head tilt as if I’d gone mad telling him about it. Then turned tail and went outside.

I think he’s more interested in having a doggy pop ( home made ice pops for dogs. They have bits of minced meat and stew mixed with water. I’m sure their very nice if your a dog )

So that leaves me with some free time, to moan to you all. Type up some more of my first book ( A Talented Man, first in a series of 3 books, I think ) and maybe get some more ideas down on paper.

I had a great evening last night writing, I’ve managed another 3 pages each of chapters 2 & 3. One lot containing a fight scene, which apparently isn’t too girly! Go me!

So anyway question for today I think, how many twists in 1 book is too many?

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