Good Morning Four Corners

Published July 16, 2013 by claire2903

Good morning one and all!

As you can see I have decided on the name of my ‘town/map/area/thingy’ for my story.

I need to think of more place names, but they require more thought. Not an easy job when you have a 2 year old chattering on behind you πŸ™‚

I’m please to say its coming along nicely, I have the first 3 pages wrote, most of chapter 1, some of chapter 2 and the outline for chapter 3. You may be forgiven for wondering how I can write 3 chapters all at the same time but it’ll work trust me πŸ˜‰

Today’s task finish a chapter!

And today’s question what types of characters do you like to see in fantasy stories? Elves, dwarves, kings, queens, witches, wizards or warlocks? Do you like vampires or were wolves? Orcs, trolls or ghosts? Mermaids, dragons, warriors, barbarians or a good mix of everything?

I may post once a day or once a week or 30 times on a Monday and twice the following Monday. I’m not sure how and when the need to blog will come to me but hopefully it’ll be something worth reading, and possibly waiting for πŸ™‚

Have a great day and have fun.

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